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Shandong Visser Group Co. Ltd. was founded in 2007, is a collection of veterinary drugs, feed, additives, micro ecology, poultry farming, poultry slaughtering, carnivorous processing, pet hospitals and other R & D, production and sales and service of high-tech agricultural enterprise group headquarters, sitting down to the famous tourist city - Ji'nan City, at present subordinate enterprises: Ji'nan Visser Biological Technology Co. Ltd., Zibo, Vichy Biotechnology Co. Ltd., Linyi Thailand enjoy food Co. Ltd, Visser (Suizhong) company, Ji'nan aquaculture feed Co., Yingle dimensional Visser pet hospital 6 companies, mainly divided into breeding, veterinary medicine, feed additives and foreign trade, duck slaughter and processing Xi and food processing, pet hospitals and other 5 plates.
Jinan weighill Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a weighill group subordinate one of veterinary drug enterprises, the company was founded in July 2007, is a collection research and development, production, sales and service in one of the private high-tech bio technology enterprises, and at the end of 2008 through the Ministry of Agriculture veterinary drug GMP acceptance. In recent years, has been named the city "agriculture industrialization municipal key leading enterprise", "Shandong Veterinary Association, vice president of the unit", Shandong veterinary director unit "," Shandong Vocational College of animal husbandry and veterinary school enterprise cooperation enterprises, Shandong veterinary drug industry "veterinary drug 30 strong enterprises" and a number of honorary title. Weighill group in 2013 in Gaoqing County, Zibo, Shandong investment 50 million founded the second veterinary drug production enterprise of Zibo weighill Biological Technology Co., Ltd., the company continues to expand the scale of production, and no drug residues in products for foreign trade export enterprise independent production, and in 2014 at the end of October 9 production lines one-time passed the Ministry of Agriculture veterinary drug GMP acceptance.
In recent years, the Visser group in the development of veterinary medicine and actively to other related industry development in Shandong in 2011, Linyi established the Linyi Thailand enjoy food Co. Ltd., Linyi and prosperity Food Co. Ltd. and Junan County in Linyi established the Linyi Heng Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013 in Shandong Linyi Yinan County, three companies the leading enterprises in comprehensive agricultural industry in duck stocking, breeding, slaughtering and processing, storage and sales as one of the company's technical staff; combined with the experience of continuous stocking ducks, worked out a set of reasonable medication no drug residues in meat duck, so that farmers can use the lowest cost cost, raise the most healthy ducks. In the duck breeding and stocking constantly sum up and innovation, so that we have more confidence in the commitment to build the first brand of Chinese herbal medicine for duck.
In addition, weighill group successively in 2010 in Liaoning established weighill (SZ) breeding company, hand in hand and Liaoning Hefeng group, Jinzhou grand group and other strategic cooperation, specialized in broiler breeding and stocking; 2014 in Jinan, Shandong Province set up Jinan Yingle dimensional feed Technology Co., Ltd., and in the Netherlands interchemie and Germany Schaumann established a long-term cooperation relationship; group plans in 2015 before the completion of aquaculture, veterinary medicine, feed and slaughter and processing as one of the large a dragon Nongmu enterprise groups.
Weighill can live and made today's achievements in the fierce competition in the market, can not be separated from the love of the vast number of users, is inseparable from the support of dealers at all levels and expert, Professor, can not be separated from all concerned weighill friend vigorously help; Vichy Er group company to you my sincere thanks! We hope that we will continue to give Visser company care and help, so that it can be better, more stable and faster growth.
Weighill group always put to achieve "customer service, employee care, returns to shareholders, contributing to society" as run the business purpose, to "become a food safety practitioner and advocate" for the mission, in order to "create excellence in agriculture and animal husbandry science and technology enterprise" development goals, to promote China's green and healthy culture, animal health, for the national food security to make more contribution.