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Our belief

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Food safety advocates and practitioners of creating excellent agricultural science and technology enterprise groups
Aquaculture, veterinary medicine, feed additives and foreign trade, meat processing and food processing Xi slaughter
corporate culture
I am a Vichy Er to "science and technology to promote animal husbandry, by virtue of agriculture responsibility, carry forward the" growth in the self criticism, in continuous learning in progress "business philosophy, a blog world-class agriculture and animal husbandry science and technology enterprises. Companies rely on the hard work of staff development, the development of the company by the company's development and growth. Our solidarity and cooperation, diligence and entrepreneurship, innovation and integrity, harmony and win-win, for the development of agriculture, the people's healthy and harmonious society, the pursuit of excellence, achievement of self.
Enterprise spirit:
Dexin, dedication, learning, innovation, win-win
Enterprise mission:
As food safety practitioners and advocates
Management idea:
The pursuit of perfection to every process, and sincere service to every customer
Personnel concept:
Make good use of existing talent, retain key personnel, the introduction of much-needed talent, talent training in the future
Science and technology concept:
To guide the new technology revolution in animal husbandry, to create high-tech quality
Enterprise slogan:
Healthy living creatures every day
Work idea:
From the small office to pay attention to important points.
Enterprise purpose:
Customer service, care for employees, return to shareholders, dedication to the community
Management idea:
Study! Innovation! Communicate! Plan! Guide! Execute!
Employee code:
Love the motherland and loyalty, dedication and hard work enterprising studious
Studying business innovation, abide by the morality of honesty and trustworthiness with respect justice and abide by the laws
Mutual respect, mutual respect and mutual love, courtesy, respect and self sacrifice
One goal:
Create excellent agricultural and animal husbandry science and technology enterprises
Two core:
Talent and market
Three representatives:
On behalf of the interests of farmers
On behalf of the interests of all shareholders
Represents the interests of all employees
Four requirements:
Speak not to ask for
Speak subjectively and objectively
Talk about internal reasons not to talk about external causes
Tell yourself not to talk about others
Five criteria:
The solidarity of the management team
Clever and capable staff
Very careful in reckoning the financial management
Strive for excellence in product quality
Carefully refined technical services
Six kinds of ideas:
Time efficiency first cost
Quality efficiency first survival
Integrated collaboration first method
Development and growth of the first goal
Cultural autonomy first management
Benefit and win the first principle
Seven carry forward:
Carry forward the national spirit of thrifty
To carry forward the spirit of struggle
Carry forward the spirit of mutual aid team
Carry forward the courage to create the first fighting spirit
Carry forward the spirit of learning like hunger and thirst to
Carry forward the spirit of selfless dedication
Carry forward the spirit of Every order is executed without fail. operations